FlySky interactive floor

is a multimedia product that enables learning, treatment and recreation for users at any age. It is a creative and innovative solution that makes learning through play possible. Its integral part is a short throw projector, processing unit and camera with dedicated software. Using the projector located inside, the image is projected onto the floor, which is activated by users movement around it. Active area is illuminated by LEDs, emitting infrared light. As a result moving and making gestures trigger a change image changes, which allow user to enjoy a wide range of games, applications and websites.

What else?


The FlySky technology eliminates delays in the interaction of user movement and image reading, allowing applications and games to be used for rhythm classes.

No shadow

The FlySky Flex technology can recognize shadows and eliminate their accidental impact on the user’s activity while working or playing.

Moving light

Dynamic response to changes in lighting in the room and automatic adjustment of parameters to ensure that the optimum image quality is maintained in all conditions.

Digital didactics

All applications and games are based on innovative methodological solutions according to the assumption– „entertain and educate”.

Stereo sound

The FlySky’s audio performance provides ideal sound quality, even in rooms with high noise level.


Do you like Google, YouTube or any other web applications? Experience them in new way using our IR Pen.

included in the set:

  • FlySky multimedia device
  • Remote Control (2 pieces)
  • IR Pen
  • Network adapter
  • Power cord
  • Assembly kit depending on the selected product option
  • User manual
  • Warranty card
  • Base package of 92 applications and 140 exercises available on the device
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