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Prezes firmy Didactix IT

Functionality and
innovation are our speciality

Modern technology has a huge impact on our daily lives – almost in
all its aspects. Instead of avoiding them, we should rather use them
skillfully so that they can support learning, playing, work and rehabilitation.
Didactix brand proves that technology and didactics can go hand in hand, motivate children to learn, support teachers in their educational mission, enable parents to safely support their children in revalidation work and individual play at home.
Dyrektor techniczny firmy Didactix IT
Główny Inżynier Didactix IT
We combine our enthusiasm for creation with specialized education and extensive market experience. We were among the first to make an attempt on development
of our own solutions within the scope of digital education and rehabilitation.
To accomplish this, we have brought together teams of extraordinary experts, therapists and IT specialists. We create, produce and implement. The result
is state-of-the-art products 
that allow you to discover broader, previously unknown multimedia possibilities at the best quality and price.


In order to turn serious learning into smart play,
you have to remain a child inside.



18 Królewska St. , 00-103 Warsaw
mobile: +48 797 98 56 70
email: biuro@didactix.pl
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