SEN – ASD apps package

This unique set of apps has been created to support and develop the communication and social skills of people on the autism spectrum. The scenarios, created by specialists, are based on an advanced educational approach that focuses on successively building language, communication, and social competences.

This approach to creating tasks in this package is unique and individualized. The tasks consider different levels of difficulty and use material from the environmental possible life experiences The applications in this package are designed to adapt to the individual needs and skills of participants, thus creating a coherent and comprehensive approach to the support and education of people on the autism spectrum.

The exercises included in the package cover topics such as:

Alternation of activities in the group

Recognizing emotions and moods

Feeling and developing empathy

Searching for
a common

Initiate a pointing gesture

Recognizing directions

Shaping the
theory of mind

Spotting other participants

The use of interactive devices when working with children with SEN

All scenarios in this package are an integral part of the overall therapeutic program. This program focuses on developing communication and social competences as well as the ability to initiate and maintain contact. The applications use models known from games. The goal is known (i.e. the therapy participant knows what he has to achieve in order to "win"), the condition is known (i.e. the participant knows that he has "won the game"), the expected action is known (i.e. the expected action of the "player"), obstacles are obvious (i.e. the difficulties that the "player" faces on the way to achieving the goal), rules are also defined. 

Developed competencies:







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