Coloring Books – using an interactive pen.

Ahead of you is a fascinating realm of interactive games that bring your creative potential to life through an interactive pen! Our "Coloring Books" package is not only fun to color, but also a great way to develop writing skills and small hand motor skills. 

These apps give children a great opportunity to express themselves by drawing, coloring and creating their own works of art. With the help of an interactive pen, children can enjoy creating, while developing manual skills. 

The exercises included in the package cover topics such as:


in a group

Training of small motoric skills

Stimulating imagination

Creating your own works of art

Playing with stamps and shapes

Safe entertainment for children

Cultural awareness and expression

How to play with an interactive pen? 

Drawing emotions: Choose different emotions such as joy, sadness, surprise, etc. Each child can draw characters or situations that illustrate the emotion. 

Creating an adventure map: Take inspiration from your favorite book or story and create a hero's adventure map together. Draw the different locations the hero goes through and the elements he meets along the way. 

Drawing your own superhero: Each child can create their own superhero by giving them unique features, costume and powers. This is a great way to develop imagination and creativity. 

Developed competencies:




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Coloring Book - Life
Coloring Book - Little Creatures
Coloring Book - Nature
Coloring Book - Quadrupeds
Sketchbook Black
Sketchbook White