Interactive pens

The superb precision of the interactive pen allows you to write, draw and color freely. It can also be used in the online games e.g. in chess, sudoku.

Extension handle

The multitude of applications of the FlySky interactive device and variety of types the rooms in which it can be installed also applies to indoor installations when there is a very high or concealed ceiling. By using dedicated, adjustable extension brackets, available in three configurations:

Extension from 25 to 50 cm

Extension from 50 to 80 cm

Extension from 80 to 120 cm

Mobile stand

The mobile stand consists of a specially designed tabletop and a high-quality, stable, available in two variants (GO and GO MAX). Safety is ensured by the locking clamp. Innovative angle bar positioning the device moves the game image away from the stand structure that allows users to enjoy the full functionality of FlySky continuously.

White foam mat

If you do not have a uniform floor, a white mat is something that will perfectly remedy this and render a perfectly projected image through the FlySky interactive projector. It measures 2x3 m and the dimensions match the image displayed by FlySky.

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