New application package for math learning Count on the Family!

A specialized program of interactive mathematics education which was created according to the methodology of PhD Barbara Bilewicz. Package of applications is intended for children aged 6-12. Designed and dedicated for the FlySky and Roomie interactive devices. The package consists of eight applications that altogether offer users over twenty different interactive boards.

The exercises include mathematical concepts such as:

Measuring and weighing skills

Understanding of space

Lapse and measurement of time

Number understanding and counting skills

Symmetry, proportions and spatial concepts

Getting to know the signs of greater - less - equal

Mathematical tasks improving counting and grouping skills

Solving equations and determining unknowns

Mathematics education on the FlySky Interactive Floor.

Improvment trainings for preschool and early school teachers, therapists and methodologists.

Offered training program supports the systematization of knowledge and the development of preschoolers' mathematical skills and younger students (6-12 years old) in the context of program requirements and EU recommendations on key competences. The training introduces the interactive mathematical education program "Count on the Family" according to the methodology of PhD Barbara Bilewicz.

Mathematic and STEAM education on FlySky interactive floor

The use of FlySky interactive devices in education and therapy is an example of a modern and holistic approach to education. It supports the child's cognitive curiosity and logical thinking and provides aesthetic experiences. Incorporating interactive applications into the learning process is a simple way to provide rich experiences under teacher guidance and in group collaboration.

PhD Barbara Bilewicz

Research and teaching employee of the Institute of Pedagogy of Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin.

Developed competencies:







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from the package!

Count on the Family
Space Arrangement
Grandma's Garden
What time is it?
Which is heavier?