“Trash Sorting” is an application that belongs to a series of games in which it is necessary to clear the playing surface of a certain type of garbage. The task is to program the path of the character so that it collects all the waste according to the color of the bin in which it must throw the waste. You should be alert because there is always garbage on the playing field to avoid. Route programming is done by selecting the directional arrows displayed on the left side of the screen by double-clicking. The currently programmed route is displayed at the bottom of the screen. Above it is a counter of collected waste. With the help of the “eraser” you can erase the entire route, the “arrow” is used to skip the level. “Triangle” will check the correctness of the route. All actions in the game are performed by double clicking. There are three difficulty levels that vary by the size of the playing area and the amount of trash to collect – double click to select the level you’re interested in. At the highest level, you have a time limit to solve the task!




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