In the game “Small Journeys” you will start your coding adventure by programming the train route yourself – in the first stage, or the car route – in the second and third stages. Pieces of tracks will appear on the board and you need to arrange them so that the train can reach its destination. To remove incorrect parts of the route from the board, click on them and then select the correct part of the route from the field on the left side of the screen and – by clicking – place it in the right place. In the second stage, instead of track pieces, you have arrows that show the direction of the car, but the rules do not change. At the third stage, the game becomes much more difficult – we no longer place the arrows on the car’s route, we program it on the bottom bar of the screen. This is a real challenge! To check if the route is correct, click the circle with a triangle in the lower right part of the screen. To change the board – click the arrow in the upper right part of the screen. Can you complete all 3 difficulty levels? Good luck!




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