The “Rhytms” application is a derivative of the “Colorful Rhytms” game, and your task is to program a route consisting of colors, letters or numbers based on their initial distribution – you choose what you prefer. There are three difficulty levels. In the first stage, you have a few random fields to complete the diagram. First you click on the color you want to select and then on the field you want to complete. In the second step, you have the entire route to program from the first few fields of the diagram. There is a time limit in the third stage! To change the layout of the scheme, click on the circle in the upper middle of the screen to change the colors to letters or numbers – click on the circle next to the colors. To check the correctness of your completed diagram, click on the circle with a triangle in the lower right part of the screen. To erase your movements, click on the eraser in the upper right part of the screen – the circle next to it can change the pattern to be completed. To go back to the main menu, click on the circle in the upper left part of the screen.




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