Personalised list of Favourite games

The area is available for free with each purchased device

In the basic package, the FlySky interactive floor means hundreds of memorable games, varied difficulty levels and a variety of game modes. To meet the needs of teachers, carers, therapists and parents, we have created the Favourite function that allows you to quickly and conveniently build a list of the most frequently used applications. The function of building a list of favorite applications and games allows you to choose one of four profiles. This way You can optimise time and organise structure of classes according to the teacher's preferences or assign a profile in any way you like. Games from all available packages can be marked with a heart icon in any moment in the menu, after that, the menu will ask you to select the profile to which you want to assign the application. This way, the application are automatically placed in the Favourite area, in selected profile file. While navigating through the folders in the menu structure, you can see which of the profiles already contains a given game, which will allow you to quickly and conveniently build a list of your favorite applications.

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