He who was not a child will never be an adult – Charlie Chaplin

To turn serious science into smart play, you have to
remain a child inside

Multimedia and interactive teaching resources are not just a bolt-on to the learning process making it more attractive. Technology enclosed in our resources allows you to effectively and efficiently organize the entire teaching process. This is how the FlySky interactive floor works.

Best interactive tool on the market

FlySky is the first and only interactive floor that has crossed the shadow barrier – an element limiting the possibilities of creating and using games and applications. The intelligent technology hidden here recognizes the shadow as either a necessary or unwanted element at a given moment of the application’s operation. This allows for implementing new types of games and applications that so far have never been used in this type of device. If you add another functionality ie access to open Internet resources, you can get access to the universe of multimedia games and applications. No wonder FlySky is the best interactive floor on the market.

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Solutions for education

We use the latest technology and provide innovative solutions that move the art of learning to new, better areas.

In FlySky technology, the shadow is not a barrier any longer, so in our catalog, you will find game packages that so far have never been used on interactive floors.

Multimedia Eurythmics for preschool education, variants of logic games for early childhood education, access to simulations and experiments in chemistry and physics for grades IV-VIII as part of open resources Internet, Cued Speech for integration classes are just some of the many interesting, well-organized and classified multimedia resources of FlySky DIGITAL DIDACTICS.


Educational areas of the packages


Innovation in Therapy

The solutions we use are a response to the real needs of people who require support at every stage of physical and mental development. These solutions use a holistic approach and are the result of many years of professional experience of our experts and the analysis of the needs of people who want to eliminate various deficits.

 In the FlySky technology, we have precisely adjusted the relationship between the user’s movement and image reaction, thanks to which we offer therapeutically valuable programs.

Motor skills, speech, sensory integration, coordination are just some of the areas that we effectively improve thanks to appropriate stimulation. Our fundamental principle is to adapt the methods to individual needs and create universal therapeutic solutions, thanks to which we obtain safe and effective therapeutic protocols that can be used by professionals, parents, and users themselves.

With FlySky, the therapy is effective and efficacious. The element of fun for children and challenges for young people and adults is the best way to motivate them to work.

Check how you can use Flysky in your office, what benefits it will bring at home, and how it will make studying in your class more attractive.

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Therapeutic areas of packages

  • Autism
  • Logo-rhythmics
  • Phono gestures
  • Speech therapy
  • Sensory integration
  • Asperger’s syndrome

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