“Coding- Bio” is an application that starts a series of games in which you need to clean the boards from the appropriate type of waste. The task is to program the hero’s path so that he collects all BIO waste that is finally to be put in the garbage can. You should be vigilant, because there is always one waste on the board that must be avoided – they are displayed in the bubble in the bottom right corner. Programming the road is done by selecting the arrows with the double-click displayed on the left side. The current road is displayed at the bottom of the screen. Above it there is a counter for the collected waste. Using the “eraser” you can delete the entire route, the “arrow” is used to skip the level. The “triangle” checks the correctness of the route. All actions in the game are performed by double-clicking. There are three levels of difficulty, which differ in the size of the board and the number of waste to collect – select the level you are interested in by double clicking. At the highest level, time is running out as an additional difficulty.



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