In the game “CatPlay”, challenge the route programming again, this time help the owner reach the cat by collecting the ball along the way. In the first stage, you will see a route row at the bottom of the screen, in which you must place the arrows so that the route leads to the cat. Toothed wheel means to pick up or drop the ball. To move an arrow to the correct field of the route line, first click – with your foot or hand – on the arrow, then on the field where you want to place it. In the second stage there is a full line of the route with errors. Fix them so the owner can reach the cat! To remove a wrong arrow, just click on it. In the third stage, you create the route for your character yourself, you have unlimited possibilities of routes – you are only limited by time. To check the correctness of the route, click on the circle with a triangle in the right part of the screen, to change the route, click on the circle in the upper right part of the screen, and next to it there is an eraser that you can delete everything from the line of the route. To go back to the main menu, click on the circle in the upper left part of the screen.



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